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The Kartini Difference

At Kartini Clinic we don't utilize surgical interventions or psychiatric wards. Prompt, adequate weight restoration is the essential first step in our treatment program. This is followed by individualized psychotherapy to treat the whole child, not simply one or more of their eating disorder symptoms. Our overriding treatment goal is to secure lasting remission of eating disorder symptoms, allowing patients and their families to return to their own communities. We practice in the knowledge that families don't cause eating disorders and children don't choose to have them.

Family-centered Eating Disorder Treatment

Clinical evidence suggests that family-centered treatment is the best approach for securing lasting remission in children with eating disorders. At Kartini Clinic the active participation of family members in treatment is mandatory. Unlike the Maudsley Method, however, families are not asked to go it alone. Our expertly trained, multi-disciplinary staff will be there to help you ever step of the way.

Expert Care

Unlike many other facilities, at Kartini Clinic we only treat eating disorders. We don't mix our patients with those who suffer from substance abuse or other diagnoses. And we focus exclusively on children, in order to provide them and their families with the very best care to be found anywhere in the country. Our staff includes two full-time physicians, board-certified in pediatrics. Your child will only ever be seen and treated by Kartini physicians. Our doctors work together with our staff of expert psychotherapists, specifically trained in family therapy and family-centered treatment of eating disorders.

If you are seeking eating disorder help or would like more information about any of our eating disorder programs, call us on 503 249 8851 and ask for our intake coordinator. For your convenience, you may also submit an online request. We answer all requests promptly.