I was a patient at Kartini some time ago and am now in the position to have a family of my own. I have drawn on much of the wisdom passed to me from Dr. O'Toole in shaping how meal time goes in my household. I will say, I am lucky to have a partner who is a culinary professional, as I did not learn how to cook from my family of origin, nor was I interested in food during the 10+ years I was ill. Our family meals are sometimes at home, sometimes out, but always filled with conversation, laughter, and delicious food. It has taken years for me to learn to enjoy food and let these meal times be a positive experience, rather than sometime to be dreaded. I am thankful!
"Jane" – Portland, OR
I always direct people concerned about eating disorders in their kids to Kartini's site, whether or not they decide it is the right solution for them. It's the best starting place for research on a very confusing and upsetting phenomenon. Obviously, I believe that Kartini offers one of the best treatment models.
Andy – Boise, ID
What a wonderful approach for a truly frightening illness. Bravo Kartini! Yay families!
"Susan" – Portland, OR
I can not put into words how thankful we are that we made the decision to come. We will never forget our experience at the Kartini Clinic and how amazing it felt to see our child overcome what we worried she might not be able to.
Jennie – Sunnyvale, CA
I almost lost my daughter and due to your dedication and caring I've gotten her back - healthy and beautiful again. I cannot thank you enough.
"Clare" – Longview, WA
[My daughter's] life is evolving in directions not even close to my imaginings for what would take place over the first 5 years after her Kartini Clinic healing experience.
Judy – Beaverton, OR
I learned so much at Kartini. The one thing I didn't know when I left was the possibilities that still existed. I am married, with a great career. Thank you for the skills you equipped me with. Thank you for telling me that I didn't do it to myself, and that there are very real causes. Thank you for helping my family understand what was happening in my life. I want to sincerely thank you for saving my life.
Emma – Salem, OR
Gratitude has been a constant feeling for me since Day 1 of my daughter's hospital stay. On that frightening day, my gratitude was wrapped in relief... relief that we didn't lose our "little girl" to her eating disorder, and relief that she was in safe hands in a safe place. The Kartini program has been a godsend to us.
Kathy – Beaverton, OR
"Almost one year later and our daughter is doing great! She seems to have almost no issues around food...Our vigilance never ceases but we are so glad about the real changes in our daughter. There is no other sufficient way to say thanks."
"Ruth" – New York City, NY
The work you are doing may seem unappreciated at times but it is saving lives and making possible for your patients to go on and fulfill their dreams."
"Tina" – Ashland, OR
I really don't think that I could be where I am, with my life starting to fall into place, if it were not for all of you guys helping out along the way."
Erin – Corvallis, OR
It was two years ago tomorrow that we came to Kartini Clinic. A very frightening time in our lives.There is not a day that goes by that I don’t think about you all and the kindness and professionalism you extended. Two years later I’m pleased to report that my son is still in Portland and feeling fine. He is getting stronger emotionally every day. He is talking about enrolling in school!
Dave – Klamath Falls, OR
A year ago we were there with you all and very afraid. Here we are a year later and things are going very well. Now she really continues to do better with each month. We put the scale away in the closet months ago. She looks healthy and we decided one day that it just doesn't need to be the focus. We wish you all well and just want to send our love a year later. Our hearts desire would be to win the lottery and be a major benefactor to the clinic. Thank you again for saving our baby.
Jim – Prineville, OR
With Thanksgiving approaching, my family and I are considering our blessings. One of our greatest blessings is you, the staff of the Kartini Clinic. You all helped give my brother his life back. My mother and I, as well as my brother, can't adequately express our gratitude. Without you, we would have lost him. We just wanted to take a moment to tell you that when we sit down to dinner next Thursday, we will count you among one of our greatest gifts. Thank you a thousand times over!
Liz – Southern Oregon