I’m not sure how many of you know it, but Kartini Clinic is looking forward to a major expansion.  We have signed the lease in a new building which will allow us more space for our kids and for the rather expansive ideas we are always coming up with.  We are continually looking for more ways to support our families, to integrate kids in the Day Treatment Unit (DTU) with their own schools, to improve the experience for families whose child needs medical stabilization across the street at Randall Children’s Hospital, to support our many families in the Ronald McDonald House, improve access to good food and even to tap into the vibrant food scene in our home town of Portland, Oregon.

The Radiator Building, our future home, is an unusual place.  But then Portland is an unusual place, too.  And adjacent to ours is another new and experimental building being built by Eric Lemelson, of the well-known and Portland-based Lemelson Foundation (not to mention Lemelson Vineyards!); it will have a courtyard open to the community for walking, sitting, kids playing and parking your bike.  Portland is big on bikes. Kartini Clinic will have a (secure) rooftop garden and open space for our patients. The Radiator will be Portland’s first timber framed office building in more than 100 years, and is designed with innovative technologies to conserve energy, triple pane glass and encased in three inches of rigid insulation. These components are intended to complement the planned reuse of "waste" heat from Randall Children’s Hospital and New Seasons Market across the street.  We are especially delighted to be located directly across the street from New Seasons, as they -- and we -- try hard to source the food we use for our staff and kids from local and organic sources whenever possible. A prime example: our yogurt.  The yogurt we use is made with whole milk, pure ingredients and live cultures.   

So that’s our new home.  Now we need a few more great folks.  We are currently looking to hire a couple of excellent family therapists.  What makes a therapist “excellent”?  First and foremost, they must be able to love our kids.  That is not hyperbole, everyone who works at Kartini Clinic must fulfill this primary requirement, from the business office to the receptionists, from our medical assistants to our therapists and doctors.  They must be well trained and licensed (in Oregon).  They must be forward thinking and not afraid of innovation. They must be interested in being a member of a cutting-edge team, one which stays up to date. They must not be afraid of the science.

Know anyone like that?  Send them our way!