Patient:  I have battled with my weight all my life, doctor.  It's my major health issue.

Doctor:  What does that mean, Susan?

Patient:  (irritated) It means, doctor, that I have been fat since I was a kid.

Doctor:  I see.  Are other family members overweight too?

Patient:  The word is fat.  F.A.T.  Let's call it what it is.  And no, they aren't.  I was adopted.

Doctor:  In that case, Susan, it seems reasonable to assume that your weight problem is not a result of anything you did or did not do, but rather something that you inherited from your biological relatives.

Patient:  What?! No, I'm sure it is my fault.  I could never diet when I should have. Also, even though I exercise like crazy at the gym, all it does is increase my appetite.  And I don't even eat junk food or have desserts like my sisters...adoptive sisters, I mean.  Food just sticks to me.

Doctor:  That's what I mean.  It seems likely there is something different about your metabolism.  It's not your fault.

Patient:  That's easy for you to say, you're thin.  I would do anything to be thin like you.

Doctor:  I wasn't always this weight.

Patient:  Really?  You lost weight? (leaning forward eagerly) How? Please help me do it too...being fat is the worst thing in the world. How did you do it?

Doctor:  Susan, I got cancer.

Patient:  Oh.