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Obesity: Something You Have, Not Something You Are

posted by Julie O'Toole on April 29, 2015 at 3:32pm

The other day I sent around to our staff at Kartini Clinic an article on the gut microbiome (our intestinal bacteria) which is now thought to have some effect on the increasing rates of obesity worldwide.  This article/video is a discussion between Dr Eric Topol (editor-in-chief of Medscape, and a cardiologist by training) and Dr Martin Blaser, of the Human Microbiome Center.  The article covered new discoveries between increasing rates of human obesity and antibiotics as they affect…

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The Biological Similarities Between Anorexia and Obesity

posted by Morgan O'Toole-Smith on April 15, 2015 at 5:42pm

One thing I believe to have learned over the years is that those readers who are interested in anorexia nervosa seem to have little interest in obesity, which they regard as an lifestyle choice irrelevant to them, while those who study obesity often ask themselves what this rare condition (AN) has to do with their vastly more prevalent (read: important) condition of obesity (OB)? Well, as it turns out, quite a lot.

And by the way, it’s worth repeating at the outset, neither…

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