Anorexia Treatment Programs

Kartini Clinic is an internationally recognized eating disorder treatment facility exclusively for children and young adults. We take a family-centered approach to the treatment of eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, ARFID and food phobia. Our inpatient, partial hospitalization (aka day treatment) and intensive outpatient programs all share a strong medical emphasis anchored in prompt and adequate weight restoration leading to normalized growth, development and psychological remission of eating disorder symptoms.

The Kartini Difference

  • At Kartini Clinic we practice family-centered, an approach similar to the Maudsley Method. A significant difference, however, is our emphasis on a combined medical and psychiatric approach to treatment, rather than an exclusively psychiatric emphasis. For example: our hospitalization occurs on a medical ward for children and adolescents, not a locked psychatric ward. We treat the children in our care like any other child with a medical condition, with a treatment protocol appropriate to their specific condition.
  • Kartini Clinic is also run by pediatricians, not psychiatrists, and consequently has a strong emphasis on prompt, adequate weight restoration as a prerequisite to normal growth and development. And we understand that children are not adults! 
  • When a patient is discharged from the hospital they come directly to the Kartini Partial Hospitilization (aka "day treatment") program and are cared for by the exact same team of doctors and therapists they came to know in the hospital. This level of coordinated care is unfortunately not standard.


We realize that for many families without access to treatment in their local communities, the prospect of traveling long distances for treatment is daunting.  For those traveling more than 30 miles for treatment we can assist with housing through a referral to our local Ronald McDonald house, an oustanding charity that houses many of our patients and their families together. Best of all, it's a mere 5 minute walk from the hospital and our offices. Ronald McDonald operates on a sliding scale but no one is turned away for financial reasons.

For more information, please call us at 971-319-6800 and speak to our intake coordinator.

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