At Kartini Clinic we do aspire to be different. It begins with your very first phone call to us. We work very hard to answer each and every call with a real live, caring human being. You won’t get an answering machine or phone queue because we know that every call to us is vitally important. We understand the urgency you feel when it comes to your child’s health. That’s why we often spend a great deal of time answering questions during the initial intake process, including what we like to call the Top Three, or Everything You Wanted to Know About Eating Disorders (but were afraid to ask!):

  1. Is this going to work (and how)?

  2. How long will it take?

  3. How much is it going to cost?

All families deserve honest answers to these important questions. That’s why every new family at Kartini Clinic has the opportunity for an individual, in-person consultation with Kartini Clinic’s founder and Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Julie O’Toole. Unlike most programs, we never admit families to our program over the phone. You will always have a chance to meet with our pediatricians before any treatment begins.

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