Inpatient Eating Disorder Treatment

Kartini Clinic accepts medically unstable patients and provides medical stabilization services for patients who meet the American Academy of Pediatrics criteria for hospitalization.

There are some other important differences about Kartini Clinic’s inpatient service. We strongly encourage parents to compare these elements of our service with those available at other eating disorder treatment facilities.

  • The same team of pediatricians who will care for your child while in hospital and at all levels of care at Kartini Clinic. You will have the same treatment team from your first day to your last day with us.

  • You will be able to stay with your child while he or she is in the hospital. We hospitalize all of our children at Randall Children’s Hospital, Portland’s newest dedicated pediatric hospital. Most of our families qualify to stay at the Ronald McDonald House.

  • Our doctors make daily rounds on our patients, 365 days a year. That means parents are always able to discuss their concerns with one of our doctors.

  • We always admit to an adolescent medical ward, never a psychiatric ward. Eating disorders are medical conditions. Your child should not be in a ward with those suffering from acute psychiatric illnesses.

  • Because our admissions are only for medical reasons, the bulk of this service falls under your medical insurance benefits, not your mental health benefits.

For more information about our inpatient service, please contact our intake coordinator at 971-319-6800. You may also submit an online request below. We answer all requests promptly.

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