Eating Disorder Outpatient Treatment

The first step in deciding on care for a child or adolescent is getting a thorough assessment, establishing a diagnosis and making a treatment recommendation.  From the first assessment through all levels of treatment at Kartini Clinic parents are informed and involved.  This is consistent with our conviction that parents do not cause eating disorders and, in fact, are essential treatment team members.  With the assistance of our pediatric nurse, one of our Board certified pediatricians will do a complete physical, family interview and eating disorder assessment for your child.  Their conclusions and recommendations will be shared with you and with any providers you specify.

Once you and your child or adolescent have completed the program here, our doctors will see your child as an outpatient for a brief transition period while we work to identify your outpatient team. Coordinated outpatient care is an essential part of maintaining physical and psychological remission of eating disorder symptoms. Our expert, multi-disciplinary team of eating disorder providers will strive to work with your primary care physician and/or other treatment providers to ensure adequate long-term care for you or your child.

If you are looking for eating disorder help or would like more information about any of our eating disorder programs, please call us at 971-319-6800 and speak to our intake coordinator. You may also submit an online request below. We answer all requests promptly.

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